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Tariff & Cottages
The main Cottage complex and three Cottages are built with blue mountain stone and knotted pine, surrounded by tea bushes and Pine forest gives you peace and privacy the Himalayan way. placed between the tea bushes with the background of the Dhauladhar range. We also offer Cottages with Self-Catering
IRIS Cottage 1   Rs. 6000.00  
IRIS Cottage 2   Rs. 6000.00  
(Both, Iris Cottage 1 & 2 are two separate cottages with separate bath under one roof and are interconnected)
Rose Cottage : Rs. 5000.00  
Eucalyptus Cottage : Rs. 5000.00  
Garden Cottage : Rs. 5000.00  
Tea view Cottage : Rs. 5000.00
  1. Extra bed @ 25% of the room rent
  2. Check in/Check out time : 1200 Hrs
     Meals and Timings
Meals and snacks are served at the Country Cottage. Guests, have the option to order meals and snacks as per their preference or avail of our menus for the day, the rates for which are as follows, per person:
Breakfast : Rs. 385 8:00 am to 10:00 am
Lunch : Rs. 585 12:45 pm to 2:00 pm
Dinner : Rs. 595 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
*Kitchen opens at 7:30 am
   *Kitchen closes at 10:15 pm
     Attendants & Drivers
We offer subsidized meals and accommodation for attendants and drivers at the following rates:
Room rent per head (Dormatory) : Rs. 800
Breakfast : Rs. 190
Lunch or Dinner : Rs. 280
(Common for attendants)
Iris Cottage
IRIS Cottage -1 Interior
Eucalyptus Hut
Eucalyptus Cottage
Garden Cottage
Garden Cottage
Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage
Tea View Cottage
Tea View Cottage
Timber Hut
Timber Hut
Iris Cottage
IRIS Cottage -2 Interior
Eucalyptus Cottage Inside
Garden Cottage Inside
Garden Cottage Interiors
Rear Verandah Rose Cottage
Rear Verandah Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage inside
Rose Cottage inside
Country Cottage Dinning Room
Country Cottage Dinning Room
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